Tatou Uma's mission consists of five core elements: to share the love of Polynesian Arts; to promote health and wellness; to educate in the history and languages of Polynesia; to serve it's community and the people therein; and to provide a source of entertainment for the Kern County area. 


   The mixture of dances, songs, and music, all create the story of our Polynesian people. Our organization strives in creating entertainment with which we can bring not only life, but authenticity, to any event. We desire to instill history of the islands in each student as well as passion. Our unique and cultural dances also promote wellness within our participants as dances like Tahitian burn up to 443 calories in an hour! We strive to promote wellness of the body just as much as we do the health of the soul.

Family is the sole source for our tribe!

TATOU UMA was started in July of 2016 by Angelica Eke and the name of the dance group was founded by Leeann Faagau, Angelica's cousin. It was the vision of Angelica's to have a group where it didn't matter what race, gender, religion, or sports team you went for. If you wanted a place to learn about the Polynesian cultures, Tatou Uma is for everyone. 

The words Tatou Uma, in the Samoan language, mean "All of us."


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